What price would you pay for a good night's sleep?

"I was so happy with The Family Sleep Coach. Everything was explained to me so clearly. Kathryn gave me the security and confidence to start a healthier sleeping pattern with Ava. She gave me total reassurance, strength and hope that we could start sleep coaching in a way that suits our family. Within just 4 weeks Ava went from being up every couple of hours to sleeping through the night and it feels so nice to have our evenings back. She deserved a magic wand and some wings" 

- Amy, Mum to Ava and Esme

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Feel empowered with practical takeaways to help your child to lay the best foundations for good quality sleep and find out if there is a fit for us to work together in the coming months.

What Will I Discover?

This discovery call inspires you to spring into action to improve both yours and your child’s sleep. Come away with a clear understanding of the six core steps to sleep success for sleepless children.

"Before speaking with Kathryn, I was concerned that we were too far past the point of being able to adjust things. However I was very happy with the advice Kathryn gave and I gained useful information especially for our bedtime routines. Our discovery call was extremely helpful and I took away very useful advice. I would definitely recommend Kathryn to other sleep deprived mums, simply to help reassure that you are doing the right things and if not how to adjust when necessary" - Emma, Mum to Eli

Feel empowered with takeaways you can put into practice to help you and your family get the sleep you deserve.

Discovery Call

As the Family Sleep Coach, previous insomnia sufferer and mum to Oliver The former sleep thief, I provide you with the solutions to getting your family better sleep.

Meet The Family Sleep Coach

“Having been at one of my lowest points when experiencing our son’s sleep challenges, I feel extremely passionate to help you to gain the life-changing results we did from sleep coaching”

- Kathryn Stimpson, Mother of a Former Sleep Thief

Discover your next steps to getting you and your family sleeping through the night.

Book your discovery call to receive takeaway tips for laying your sleep foundations

Discovery Call

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